Internship Programs

HEART is a Non-governmental Organization specialized in Community Development Program and Entrepreneurship development programme

Under the Internship Program the team asked to get involved in a project based on their area of interest and/or expertise. This gives the interns an opportunity to get involved in a project that can help them gain some valuable knowledge and a chance to interact with the people at the grass root level. In addition, if an intern is interested in supporting wants to work with HEART as an employee, then he/she can apply for the same. An intern can apply for the internship at any time during the year.

How to Apply

  • Read the HEART activates Internship Policy for details (Click Hear) for internship policy)
  • Check Internship Projects for details of departments/areas where internships are available
  • Check the projects outlined below for details of departments/areas where internships are available
  • Fill up the internship application form with details of the project that interests you. (Please choose an area in which openings would be available during your planned internship, as per internship details available on the website)
  • Draft a cover letter outlining your interest in HEART and the internship position.
  • Please submit the following:
    1. Cover Letter
    2. Resume
    3. Internship Application (Click Hear for internship application form)

Apply by email stating the area of internship applied for in subject line:

Foreign Applicants

International applicants must have a valid visa. HEART does not assist with visa applications. Telephone interviews will be conducted as part of the final selection Process

  • Children Development Parliament
  • Entrepreneurship development programme
  • Youth Development Programme
  • Health care program
  • Environmental Program
  • Networking
  • General Involvement

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